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Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction: Reasons and How to Treat It

Erectile dysfunction is believed to be a widespread problem among men after 40, but it would be incorrect to name this disorder an age-related illness, as younger men may suffer from it as well. In general, erectile dysfunction means a problem with erection which appears as an inability to ejaculate, perform a sexual intercourse and prolong it within the sufficient period of time.

Actually, erectile dysfunction is a consequence of some other diseases and states. There are two types of it – organic (or physical) and psychogenic. It’s pleaded that phobias, fears and other factors constituting the group of psychogenic causes become the reason of this problem much more often than real diseases.

What May Cause Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction?

Most cases of erectile dysfunction without any physical foundation are caused by the so-called syndrome of sexual failure expectancy. The thing is that a singular erection failure is not a sign of erectile dysfunction, and nearly every man has once experienced it in his life. However, if this failure becomes the object of permanent worries, man’s confidence falls abruptly. Hesitations in male sexual power become even worse before a sexual intercourse, which leads to another failure. This is a kind of a closed circle:

  • Insufficient erection;
  • Fear of another fiasco;
  • Change of one’s own role into the one of observer;
  • Erection failure;
  • Reinforcement of the fear of failure;
  • Psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

The very first failure which starts the circle might be explained by sexual anxiety with new partner, stress, absence of sexual education, fears to get sexually transmitted diseases or get pregnant, psychiatric diseases, etc. It’s really important to consult a doctor as soon as you become concerned with more or less regular cases of sexual fiasco. Psychogenic erectile dysfunction begins abruptly and morning or spontaneous erections are still present.

How to Get Sexual Life Back?

Erection disorder causes and treatment prescribed must be matching. Thus, psychogenic impotence must be cured in two directions: psychotherapy and pharmacological therapy. Psychotherapy may help you get rid of fears, whereas pharmacological therapy recreates man’s power.

Pharmacological treatment wasn’t effective enough till PDE-5 inhibitors were synthesized. A great example of this kind of medicines is Malegra FXT, which combines two active ingredients: Sildenafil Citrate and Fluoxetine. The first component improves the blood flow and relaxes vessels, which leads to a healthy erection. The other active agent binds serotonin, hence, making an erection last longer. Thanks to this kind of drug you can easily get rid of fears and gain strong confidence in a successful sexual intercourse taking one pill a day. All rights reserved