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Vicious Cycle of Erectile Dysfunction

Male impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is the inability of men to get and keep an erection firm enough to satisfy their partners. This condition often affects older patients, and young men are prone to having it, too. Basically, there are many factors that can predispose to ED, such as neurological, psychological, vascular and others. When it comes to young patients, most of their ED causes are psychological. Sometimes, erectile dysfunction can be caused by smoking, drinking alcohol, drug use, regular stress, relationship problems and other issues, but it’s just the first step in the vicious cycle of this disease.

Importance of Determining It

he vicious cycle of male impotence is quite important for certain reasons. For example, when men have erectile problems because of diabetes, drinking, substance abuse and everyday stress, these factors set them up for increased psychological anxiety due to their inability to perform sexually. This psychological effect only adds to existing problems and worsens erectile dysfunction.

The main problem is that even when the underlying causes of ED are resolved, men’s psychological performance anxiety still affects their sexual activity. That’s why some of them may resort to the use of drugs or substances that caused their erection problems at the very beginning. It’s important to break out of this vicious cycle to solve them all, and the first step in finding effective solutions is visiting qualified doctors. The most effective solution is a multidisciplinary approach to this common condition that affects many men these days.

Some patients are advised to take specific drugs to reinitiate their positive sexual experience, but taking them alone won’t provide a complete solution of ED problems because men need to rebalance both mentally and physically. It’s impossible to solve communication issues and anxiety problems in relationships just because men start having erections. Unfortunately, the vicious cycle of male impotence seems inevitable in patients with long-term erection problems, so they need to turn to physicians to get a lasting and complex solution.

Common Feelings Experienced by Men with ED

There are certain negative emotions experienced by men who have erectile problems, and they start all of it:

  • Sense of insecurity;
  • Loss of manhood;
  • Being sad for their loss;
  • Low self-confidence;
  • Scared of being more intimate with partners;
  • Being afraid of approaching the new ones;
  • Feeling ashamed, aggressive and angry;
  • Worrying about the inability to pleasure partners;
  • Feeling guilty about erectile dysfunction.

This means that male impotence can have a huge effect on the lives of many men and their partners. In addition, it results in a number of negative psychological consequences, such as increased performance anxiety responsible for the vicious cycle of ED. It’s quite common in men with this disease, and it happens when their occasional episodes of sexual failures become regular. Once men experience even one case of male importance, its vicious cycle can be established whereby they suffer from anxiety about repeated unsatisfactory erections, whenever they think about a possible sexual intercourse. Many of them also have unrealistic expectations that only worsen their erection issues. All rights reserved